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Mary always had an interest in the metaphysical world since a child. She always felt different but never understood why. Mary’s father, a progressive thinker, introduced her to the “Silva Method” in her twenties thus beginning a practice of meditation and positive thinking. During her thirties Mary practiced Asthangha yoga daily and enjoyed the physical activity while enhancing her meditation. In her late thirties, the Universe was directing Mary and introducing her to people who were psychics, mediums, and counselors.

Mary is certified in Reiki, studied under Lino Alelyunas at Diving Light Ministries, and mediumship with Sharon Klinger. Mary continues to further her education with courses and study. Her divination tools are tarot, oracle cards, psychometry, and pendulums. Along with Mary’s abilities, she also performs saging of homes, a practice known to clear negative energy. Mary’s compassion and insight has served many people throughout the years and she is grateful everyday for the gift she is given.

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