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Valuable Tool to Relax and Destress

Many years ago I learned a valuable tool, which has helped me tremendously and would like to share with you. 

Let’s face it, life can be very stressful, always on the go, making phone calls, paying bills, picking up children, cooking dinner, cleaning, working,  the list goes on and on and sometimes never ends.  The exercise I am about to explain to you, will teach you to relax and calm yourself as you go through your day and projects. 

Relax and breathe for 20, 30, 60 seconds (yes, that simple). A typical night might be paying your bills and then starting dinner.  After you pay your bills, pause, let yourself relax and breathe for 20, 30, 60 seconds.  This allows you to let go of whatever you were doing and lets your mind/body relax, calm itself.  You let go and this release refreshes you.  When you start your new project, you will be more focused and calm.  It sounds so easy and it is.   This is one of the best tools I have learned, it is a mini meditation. 

Try this exercise and see how you feel and as soon as I finish writing I will pause and breathe for 60 seconds. 

Soulful Journey, 




Mary Mongiardini’s Gratitude Tips


So many times in life we forget to be thankful for what we have, no matter how little it may be.  I find myself complaining about things and have to stop and think of what I do have and say thank you and amazingly I no longer feel sorry, sad, or depressed; I feel good. 

There are times I may not like the way my clothes fit and start complaining that I gained weight, or my legs are too short, but then I have to stop and say, hey wait a minute, thank goodness I have legs and if I gained weight how lucky am I that I can put food on my table. Wow, when I realize that it really is not so bad, well, I feel so much better, so my legs are short but they are healthy, I can run, stretch, move with ease and a smile comes on my face.  That smile is so much more than you can imagine, my whole being shifts to joy. 

We all know that people are in our lives for reasons, some are there for a short term others for always, but we learn from all of them. I may feel upset with someone but then I  have to stop and  think what good that person has  brought in to my life, what lesson am I learning and again a shift occurs, the anger, hurt or whatever it may have been diminishes and the joy starts. 

An exercise that I do in the morning is to say something that I am grateful for in my life,and in the evening I say what has happened today that I am grateful for.  You can  start with one thought of gratitude and you can work your way up to as many as you are grateful for.  Unbelievably no matter how bad you thought your day to be you will find things to be grateful for and you will start and end your day on the best note… again the smile that comes on your face. 

Remember no matter how bad we think things are stop and think of what you may be grateful for, and watch the world change around you. 

Soulful Journey, 


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